How To Use A Token Economy To Shape Your Child's Behavior

To establish a token economy in your home first you must identify the behaviors you want your children to change (desirable behaviors). It takes away the sense of entitlement a lot of kids have today. Instead of expecting privileges or activities for nothing on their part, they now have to earn them by the acquisition of tokens through their good behavior. A token economy can help a child be more responsible and teach them how to manage their resources. Something else that it does is teaches children to delay gratification where the world teaches them to expect and desire instant gratification. Lastly, the token economy can be used to extinguish misbehaviors and establish positive behaviors. A token economy will require some effort on the part of the parent but the benefits far outweigh the small amount of time a parent has to invest in the program each day. Destry Maycock has over eleven years experience working with children and families as a professional social worker. Destry has helped hundreds of parents solve a variety of parenting challenges and strengthen their relationships with their children. Destry enjoys developing products that help parents.

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