How to use social media to understand and engage your customers

Demonstrate a sound understanding of ?consumer research ?using appropriate academic resources such as journal articles and the article above providing and analysing examples and definitions (30%)Critically discuss and analyse the key issues behind the reason to adopt a more market research focused approach in media planning and buying (30%). Recognise and discuss the major developments in ?market research of the consumer in the media sector? which have become key from both a theoretical (use the Engel/Kollat model here plus others you may have researched) and practitioner based perspective (examples of what media agencies use) (30%)An ability to structure a coherent, critical and balanced argument. Present discussion and analysis in an appropriate critical essay format, which is well typed and referenced (10%)Your response should be a maximum of 1500 words. (+/-10%)Although this is an essay you are advised to use tables, graphs, charts etc. which are not included in your word limited