How To Write A Good Essay

First of all, let’s put a question to ourselves, why do we need to write in the first place? From childhood everyone has been given this task of writing. Every other day we were given some assignment to write about. But, still the question remains, why do we need to write in the first place? The answer is pretty much simple. Whether we observe it or not, writing has become a part of our lives now. Professional lives that is. In order that we can present ourselves in a clear manner with no ambiguity and focus on the given thing. In order that we channelize our thoughts in one way and to focus them on a given topic, we need to practice writing. And that’s why I think we are given the task of writing from our childhood days. As already discussed, writing is an important task in our lives now, so we need to know how to write better.

In order to write better, first of all we can follow few rules and some handy tips that can help us write better on practically any thing. One important thing that we should remember while writing is that we need to keep the topic a little interesting. And how can we make a topic interesting? Simple, choose a title that can grab the attention of the reader. Now, go ahead and think of the craziest title you can, that you think might grab the attention of the reader. After grabbing the attention, you need to make sure that the reader starts reading your essay. So, the introduction part must be interesting as well. If you have an exciting idea which you think is enough to make people go crazy, then go ahead and use it in best possible way. There’s this saying in Journalism. “a dog biting a man is not a breaking news, but a man biting a dog is”. Now that we have the readers’ attention, before closing the essay, one can go for suggestions, if one has to. If you think that your suggestions can really make a difference, then go ahead and give them. For closing the essay, summarize what you have written. Go for the most important things that you’ve mentioned and prove your point. And this is it. Don’t forget to check your essay for spelling and punctuation errors and edit your stuff, whereever needed. We are professionals who are here, for those who need a helping hand in their academic writing. We also provide help in theses, dissertations and other academic writings. We also provide online tutoring for College and University students. Our tutors hold Masters and PhDs from the Ivy League Premier Schools.

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