how well does this element quot fit quot with childhood disorders

One of the elements of mental disorders is that they are maladaptive. How well does this element “fit” with childhood disorders? What are some instances when problematic behavior may be the result of attempts to adapt to abnormal or unusual circumstances?
Please make sure that your initial response to the question is evidence based and provides facts and statistics from your textbook or current research studies. Also be sure to include both in text citations as well as a reference source at the end of your initial response. You must post 3 different responses over the duration of the forum on 3 different days to be considered for full credit.
300 words min.

Always includes source citations.
You will post your own response to the discussion question on the discussion board. Your responses will be evaluated based on their depth and level of critical thought. Your responses should include your own opinions, as well as supporting evidence from the textbook and/or other credible sources. The more in-depth your response, the better your grade.

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