I Flunked Feature Writing and Became A Best-Selling Author!

Let me be an inspiration to all of you writers who have faced rejection.

Believe me, there will ALWAYS be rejections, and you’ll never like them. But you can persist, and by doing so, succeed.

In fact, when it comes to writing, I believe persistence is supreme, to borrow a Herbert Hoover-ism.

It’s the only thing that will polish your writing, making it, on occasion nearly irresistible to some publisher who will take a chance on putting your text into print.

Anyway, the people who are judging your efforts are flawed beings, like the rest of us.

Take my college professor who taught feature writing. She completely missed my talent, and I suppose I missed hers, as well. Possibly that’s why I simply stopped attending her class after the first few weeks of the semester.

Anyway, she flunked me, the only “F” I ever got through 26 years of schooling, and she only gave me a “C” in her publicity course. I suppose she’d find it ironic that I went on to become a best-selling book author, prolific feature writer, and fairly masterful publicist.

I never told her, because I was too busy writing, and succeeding!

My satisfaction comes from sharing this story with you, and to encourage you to rise above these “petty tyrants,” as Carlos Castaneda has called similar people who try to daunt us.

So, don’t cringe the next time you fail. Believe me, one day, you’ll be as proud of it as I am!