I need help with this discussion question. I’m not very great with the topic so I need help. The answer to the two questions needs to be a good sized detailed paragraph. I need it done by tonight (2 hours).

Nietzsche described his own overall project as geared toward a ‘revaluation of all values’. For this discussion, I’d like you all to reconsider the various approaches to ethics and moral theorizing encountered this semester. Perhaps this exercise will help you to begin to engage in your own ‘revaluation’.
Out of all the philosophers we’ve read this semester, (Sacrotes, Aristotle, Augustine, Hobbes, Kant and Nietzche) which one did you find to be the most impressive and why In answering this question, think about what your own criteria is for making this judgment. Are you looking at the usefulness of this or that theory Are you looking for who provided the most accurate description of our ethical condition Once you are clear on your own criteria, explain what it is and then tell us who your favorite philosopher is based on that criteria.
Tell us who your least favorite philosopher was this semester and again be very explicit about the criteria you are using. Note that this does not have to be the same criteria used for question 2.