I See Many Teenagers That Smoke

If children are taught and disciplined at a young age than they will not run free like wild animals. When I was a child my parents used to smack me when I was naughty. Today I consider myself a decent member of society. If I was allowed to ‘get away with misbehaving’ when I was a child I wouldn’t have turned out the same. All children need to be physically disciplined when they are growing up in order to learn the rights and wrongs of society and culture. This way parents will also be able to control them. For example if you compare a teenager that has been closely controlled and a teen that does whatever they want, the adolescent that has been regimented will always grow brighter. A well-disciplined juvenile will know rules and live by those regulations. Children should be closely controlled when they are still young so as they grow they could still be able to be kept under control.

Parents should always show the children that parents are the authority. How a child is disciplined will vary from child to child. For some, being sent to their room is sufficient, but for others it is not. A child should only be smacked if it is done out of love and not anger or hatred. For example if you tell a 9 year old that curfew ends at 5pm and they come home at 10pm, a responsible parent will smack promptly, as soon as disobedience is shown and warnings have failed. I see many teenagers that smoke, drink and do drugs and their parents don’t care if they keep on doing that. The answer is either the parents buy them the drugs or they give it to their kids because the parent do them also, or the parents do not know anything at all. Parents love their children very much. They want their children to become somebody, have a nice job and be proud of themselves and the decisions they have made in life. Parents only hit their children to stop their children from getting in trouble and disrespecting them. Parents should think of the force they use on their child before they do it, because when the pain grows the punishment is not called physical discipline anymore but physical abuse. Lastly children should be careful with the decisions they make because parental discipline is always going to follow them wherever and whenever wrong decisions are made. You can order a high-quality custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation, speech, book report or book review from our professional custom writing service. We have employed more than 700 highly qualified Ph.D. Master’s academic writers to provide students with professional academic writing help. Feel free to contact our company right now!

Keats describes how the poor have no choice but to live a terrible life whereas in the middle ages you could grow things for yourself and live in the peaceful forest with Robin and his band. In the poem, Keats shows skill at rhyming every line. He got a lot of practice during his childhood where he would rhyme his answer with the question anybody asked him. Keats is also a very descriptive writer and he uses metaphors in the line, “Of the forest’s whispering fleeces,” and in, “Many times have winter’s shears,”. They describe how the leaves on a tree form a coat and the sound of the wind going through that coat. The other describes how winter “shears” away plants and life like a shepherd cutting wool. When winter comes, all the green is drawn away to leave white and brown. The 3rd stanza refers to the polar ray as the North Star. It says that you can look forever (using the North as a guide) and you will never find Robin Hood or anybody else like him anymore. Those days are gone now.

Keats was a very educated person and he uses a couple references to medieval mythology. It mentions, “Gamelyn” who was a hero in a fourteenth century outlaw tale. Keats wouldn’t have known so much if it weren’t for his love of reading. At the end of the poem, Keats honors the times and people of Robin Hood’s days. The poem ‘On Death’, is one of Keats’ shortest and most meaningful poems. It asks that what if death is really sleep and life is just a dream. The great times of our lives may just be imaginary like a phantom. We think that it is painful to die, but what if it is just the end of a dream. Keats shows how we all live great our lives while poisoning them with our immense fear of death. But would it be so terrible still, if you were only waking up? Keats uses a great simile in the line, “And scenes of bliss pass as a phantom by,”. It refers to the beautiful things in our life that we value so greatly as a phantom or ghost. Phantoms cannot be touched or moved, they are only images.

What if the people that you see around you are not really there and you are really just imagining them while you sleep in reality. The idea that Keats is conveying is probably something that he truly believed in. This theory reassured Keats when most of his family died while he was still very young. When his father died when Keats was only 9 years old, he was only able to cope with the shock by imagining that his father was not in pain and was only waking up from a dream. Any death or tragedy that came to Keats, he could just deal with it like a bad dream and it will be over eventually. Keats was so aggressive and known to be a “fighter” because he wasn’t afraid to die. He would welcome death if it came. Keats did not feel like there was no greater pain than to die. He thought life continued on and got better. The Author also advise people not to be so afraid and says that we lead a life of sorrow and pain when the people we love die and when we become ill or close to death ourselves.