I Want My Wife Back: 3 Ways to Make the Wish Come True

Are your friends tired of hearing you say, “I want my wife back?” Or maybe you haven’t admitted it to anyone, but you think about how much you want to get your wife back every day. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to things like this, there is great reason to believe there is hope for your broken marriage.

The 3 relationship repair tips below are easy to follow and they may be your ticket to never again worry about saying, “I want my wife back.”

1. Drown her in kindness. Most breakups happen when people are on bad terms, so the first thing you need to do is start approaching your wife with a different attitude. It sounds far too simple, but you won’t believe how far thoughtfulness and courtesy will get you. When we’re with   someone  for a long time, we often begin taking them for granted. This is probably the case for you too since you’re in this situation saying, “I want my wife back.”

Unless you want to spend the rest of your life thinking, “I want my wife back;” start treating her like you would if you’d just met. Open doors for her, offer your jacket if she’s cold, apologize if you hurt her feelings, bring her a cup of coffee, say please and thank you, pull out her seat. Whatever you do, do it with so much love and kindness that she can’t help but notice.

Even if your wife has already moved out of the home, you can still use this technique. Make a point of “accidentally” running into her at places she frequents. The location isn’t very important. What’s important is that you use those opportunities to treat your wife with the kindness and thoughtfulness that every woman craves. If you have young children with your wife or even a family pet, make sure to behave cordially during visitations. No matter what happens, do everything you can to avoid arguments. If she lashes out at you, comfort her instead of getting impatient.

2. Get over your ego. One thing that may stand in your way when you want to get your wife back is your ego. A big ego makes it difficult to apologize, to see what you’ve done wrong, and to validate her feelings.

You may find yourself not wanting to say you’re sorry because you don’t feel that you were wrong. You may even think she’s not serious about the breakup or divorce-that she just wants to manipulate you into seeing things her way. Such assumptions may be your downfall.

Most often, breaking up a marriage is not a game. If your wife wants to separate or divorce, she likely had enough issues with you and the relationship to make her want to leave. When your ego controls the way you handle the breakup, it’s nearly impossible to get things back on track.

Don’t waste your time saying, “I want my wife back!” unless you are ready to push your pride aside and do whatever it takes to show her you can be the one who makes her happy.

3. Leave her alone. This advice may seem quite strange for the goal of getting your wife back, but giving her space is a necessary part of the equation. While being kind is extremely important, you don’t want to overwhelm or rush her. Be patient and give her time to evaluate the new you. It may take some time for her to believe that you’re ready to make the marriage work.

Send her a card for no special reason, but don’t bombard her all day everyday. There’s a fine line between helping yourself to get your wife back and pushing her even further away than she was before.

Getting your wife back may be difficult if the marriage was greatly destroyed, but there is much more help outside of the 3 tips listed here. Consider a full relationship repair plan which includes everything you need to never again cry out, “I want my wife back.”