Identify legal issues and the facts contributing to the issues that. Use an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement-defined as a one-or two-sentence condensation of the argument or analysis that is to follow. (What’s the main point of the paper.)

The body of the paper must include three to four specific legal concepts learned or refined in class. Then address these concepts in light of my experience. If I do three to four personal experiences use those of an acquaintance or those which I have read. The important part of the process is for me to use a four -step analysis- (1)

reference a legal (the law) concept (e.g., contacts, torts, real property, ethics, administrative, agency, etc.). (2) provide the facts of the experience ( yours or one you know about) associated with the legal concept, and (4) knowing what you now know, explain whether you agree or disagree with the outcome that you experienced and/or how you would to it differently, if I could do it again. Defend my position. End the paper with a summary paragraph that includes a restatement of the thesis statement and my conclusion. On reference page at least with four (4) references.

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