Image of the City by Lynch

Read Image of the City by Lynch CAREFULLY. Then, make an argument for how Lynch’s approach is covered within the two other articles (Learning from Las Vegas by VSBI) and (Atlanta by Koolhaas).
PULL OUT ideas from Lynch article and give examples from the other two readings and connected them to strenghten Lynch’s argument.
Write an argumentative essay with 1500 words. There should be a very clear introduction paragraph with a CLEAR TOPIC SENTENCE AND THESIS STATEMENT.
The essay is due in 10 hours from now.
Read Lynch reading > pull as many ideas as you can. go to  Las Vegas reading and connect Lynch ideas to it. make the ideas in Las Vegas reading examples that clarify Lynch ideas. Do the same with Atlanta reading. make it 50% 50% for Vegas reading and Atlanta for dont go hard on Vegas and ignore Atlanta for example. Last thing, The introduction paragraph is so so so important, A very clear and simple topic sentence in the beginning then a very clear and direct Thesis statement at the end of the paragraph.