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Please answer from you perspective, experience and opinion
Starbucks is joining the companies that say they’ll create jobs in the U.S. — only it’s going to put the emphasis on hiring refugees.The coffee giant pledged Sunday to hire 10,000 refugees in the 75 countries where it operates over the next five years. CEO Howard Schultz, in a letter to Starbucks workers, said the effort will begin in the U.S. with an emphasis on hiring refugees who have served as interpreters and support personnel for U.S. armed forces abroad. U.S. troops made heavy use of such workers during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Read the article “immigration patterns“: the transition process and answer the following question.
The ability the communicate in English is important for many jobs and therefore some companies offer ESL (English as a Foreign Language) courses to their non-English speaking employees. One alternative to requiring company-sponsored ESL instruction is to require that all potential employees meet an English language proficiency standard before they may be hired.
Compare and contrast these two alternatives in terms of advantages and disadvantages to the company.
part 2
1. what is your dream job? What qualifications an deal candidate should possess to perform that job?
2. If you are a hiring manager, how would you screen out the best candidate from the applicant pool? Drawing on popular assessment methods.

3. Drawing on (reliability) and (validity), evaluate each of the assessment method you suggested in question 2. Are these assessment method reliable (yield to consistent score results over time)? Are they valid (high score in the assessment indicates good performance at work)?
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