Imperialism Caused Many Political Problems

Updated on January 30, 2012 lukepetersen19 more Imperialism is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence by utilizing diplomacy or military force. At the turn of the 19th century imperialism was not a proper and legitimate policy for the United States to follow because it was militarily, politically, and socially problematic. Imperialism created military problems because the invasion of other countries did not help the United States maintain a good image. President McKinley stated that “we could not give them back to Spain” (Doc3). “The Spanish American war took place because of America’s strong expansionist sentiment.” Because of America’s expansion it created social tensions between Spain and America. McKinley stated “there was nothing left for us to do but take them all” (Doc3). In the 1900’s the boxer rebellion occurred in which Chinese citizens protested the open door policy. Because of America’s expansion, many rebellions and wars came from it.

America’s determined mindset drove them forward to acquire more influence in foreign areas. Imperialism caused many political problems. Henry Cabot Lodge stated that the Philippines “have never known liberty” (Doc6). Politicians thought that some territories would be an easy gain but yellow journalists hyped up the tensions even more. Henry lodges statement is full off irony because the invasion of a country is the exact opposite of instilling liberty into a country. The Anti-Imperialistic league stated that “imperialism is hostile to liberty” (Doc7). They also state “that the subjugation of people is criminal aggression” (Doc7). The league saw through Cabot’s words to how imperialism actually is. It was unfair for the United States to take advantage of other innocent civilians. Imperialism in the United States created many political problems. Imperialism caused social problems because of forced influence into a country. 280,000 people died from America taking control of the Philippines. Henry Cabot Lodge stated that America was “in the Philippines righteously as we are there rightly and legally. Americas Imperialism had an aspect of enslavement by taking advantage of another country for its own interests. Albert Beveridge, a Republican senator, stated “We will not abandon our opportunity in the orient”. Henry Cabot Lodge stated that the taking of Philippines does not violate the principle of the declaration”. Invading the Philippines should not be thought of in a positive aspect let alone an opportunity. America violated the rights of The Philippines which created social problems. At the turn of the 19th century imperialism was not a reasonable policy because it caused military, political, and social problems. America did not take into consideration that they were invading countries for completely selfish reasons.

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