in wrtg 291 we will focus your writing assignments on a research topic of your choice or continue exploring the topic of your response essay re

helllo, I am wondering if you can help out with new assigment please.
In WRTG 291, we will focus your writing assignments on a research topic of your choice or continue exploring the topic of your Response Essay (RE).
I encourage all my students to choose a topic that is personally interesting to them or that they care about, because you will be spending the rest of the course researching, studying and writing about your topic. It is most effective (and actually fun) to work on a topic you are interested in.
Many students like yourselves, choose a topic that has something to do with their major or career goal. This can be useful if you are taking a course that relates to the topic and thus can apply what you are learning in that class to the topic for this one (if that is OK with your other professor.)
The main criteria for topics is that they be controversial or the crux of an active debate among scholars or scientists. Why? Because, like all dramas, there needs to be conflict to make the story interesting. If you find a topic where all the experts have the same thing – that it is great or that it sucks – there is nothing to write about. Check out my guide to finding a good topic.
I have created a list of topic suggestions with links to YouTube videos that explain each one. You do NOT have to pick any of them – they are just subjects I thought were cool and had lots of controversy and debate.
You can access the list by clicking the titles below:

3 D Printing
Military: U.S. Soldiers or Private Contractors?
Genetically Modified Organisms
The End of Privacy
BitCoin and the Future of Money
How Data Analytics & Algorithms Are Changing Police Work
The Digital Divide
Germline Gene Therapy
The Singularity
Spread of misinformation online
Artificial Intelligence dangers
Healing and the placebo effect

I was thinking about the second topic ( militay………). Please if you can help me out with it, need it by Sunday morning. This is going to a topic for the next few weeeks. Thank you.
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