Indiana-State-University BUS 371 Chapter 2 Evolution Of Management 7

Get help for Indiana-State-University BUS 371 Chapter 2 Evolution of Management. 64. Which of the following refers to managing the sequence of suppliers and purchasers, covering all stages of processing from obtaining raw materials to distributing finished goods to consumers? 65. Which of the following uses the latest information technology to keep in close touch with customers and to collect and manage large amounts of customer data? 67. Jessica is a recent college graduate who is seeking a job that includes telecommuting, shared jobs, flextime, and organization-sponsored sabbaticals. Based on this information, Jessica most likely belongs to which demographic group? 69. Genex Dynamics is a ballistics company that uses the unity of command, scalar chain, and division of work principles. These are part of which management philosophy? 70. Matrix Dress Designs operates using the concept of empowerment, where employees act independently and with management facilitating rather than controlling workers. These qualities represent which management approach? 71. A key finding in the Hawthorne studies was which of these? 73. The Forestville Freeze is regionally known for its employee training programs. Managers at the Freeze conduct research to determine the best candidate interviewing techniques. This involves use of which management approach?

74. Within his role as a financial accountant, Roger uses the capital asset pricing model and other mathematical tools to help clients keep track of their finances. Which perspective or approach does Roger apply most at his work? 76. Which of the following refers to financial managers and others who base their decisions on complex quantitative analysis, under assumption that using advanced mathematics and technology can accurately predict how the market works? 77. From the 1950s until today, which management perspective has remained the most prevalent? 78. Georgia, an airline CEO, often looks for patterns of movement within the airline industry, focusing on the qualities of rhythm, flow, direction, shape, and networks of relationships. Georgia to see the structures that underlie complex situations within the industry and company. 79. After decades of being a manager, Jeffrey has learned that an organizational structure that is effective for one company is likely to be ineffective for a different company. This knowledge reflects which current management perspective? 3.4 defects per million parts. 81. Which of the following is identified as a recent trend that has staying power?

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