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For your final course requirement, reflect on an ethical challenge that you have identified and address the following questions in a 10-15 page paper. Think of this paper as a case study, informed by your learning in this course. The subject of the ethical challenge can be a company in the news, a personal work situation that you have experienced, or a work situation that another person shares with you.
*You already did 5 Short Written Assignments before. So you should already known what I learned this course.
Background – describe the company/individual(s) that is/are the focus of your paper.
Identify and describe the ethical challenge that was faced; what were the differing points of view or choices that were presented? Discuss the leadership issues involved in this ethical challenge or that contributed to this situation becoming an ethical challenge.
How did the ethical challenge get resolved?
Integrate course content – What principles or approaches did you learn from this course that will assist you as you encounter ethical issues with similar characteristics in the future? Perhaps you have a better, more informed way of describing the ethical challenge that was faced; what new information did you acquire from this course that changed your knowledge and/or understanding of the ethical issue that was encountered? Based on the learning from this course, is there anything you would have done differently? Cite at least four resources from the course.
What did you learn about yourself and your ability as an ethical leader as you examined this issue.
Plan for the future – How might you utilize your acquired knowledge and any skills obtained in this course as an organizational or team leader in the future?
Summary or Conclusion.
Paper Submissions: Papers should be well organized, clear and concise. Use the following guidelines:
Please do not exceed the page limit. (Page: 10-15 pages)
Typed with 2.0 line spacing; 1” margins on all sides.
12-point font.
Use at least six reference from this book. References should be listed at the end.
Well organized. Use subheadings – they show your train of thought and help upgrade your thinking.
Appendices as needed.
References to course materials: Simple mention of Author (Year) is preferred in the body of the paper. Add a complete list of citations using APA style at the end of your paper. You may want to consider using the following website that helps to manage all of your references (it automatically finds and formats your citations in APA style):
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