Introduction to Management
You are required to consult and correctly reference a MINIMUM of 10 different sources of information (most assignments acheiving the top two grades levels available include 10 references)

You must use the APA Referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text, and as a reference list at the end).
1) Description of the company, the nature of its busness and any other relevant facts.
[200 words]
2) Provide a PESTEL analysis of the company

Ensure you include all of the factors: describe the factor and how your company is affected by the factors.
[600 words]
3) Undertake a Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the company’s compeitive environment

Ensure you include all five forces; describe the force and how the company’s inductry enviroment is affected by the forces.
[600 words]
4) List a minimum of FOUR (4) management recommendations you believe the company could enact to be successful in the future.
[400 words]
5) Provide a general conclusion of the current state of the company and its operating environment uncovered from the PESTEL and Porter’s analysis.
[200 words]
TOTAL WORDS: 2000 (+/-)

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