• This assignment should be a minimum of 
    2 written pages and utilize
     APA formatting. In-text citations and a
    reference page should also be included. 
    Seeking writting experts only!


Stock watch should be written about all three below:

1 Ford Motor company

2 General Motors

3 Wal-Mart Stores Inc


ALSO locate interest rates on two other investments that are not stocks, such as bank certificates or government bonds. You will now have a total of five investments.


In your assignment, identify each of the five investments and discuss the following:

  • Which of the five investments do you think are most highly affected by the level of interest rates in the economy? Why?
  • Rank the five investments in order of the most risky to the least risky and explain in detail why you ranked them in that manner.
  • What types of risk do you think affects each of the investments?

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