Job Costing

“Job Costing” Please respond to one of the following:


Option 1


  • Evaluate and discuss the job-costing steps for a CPA firm using a job-cost system. Compare the job-cost system used by a CPA firm with the job-cost system used by a construction company building houses. Suggest what you believe to be the most significant differences in the job-cost system used by the CPA firm and the job-cost system used by the construction company.


Option 2


  • Create an argument for using a job-costing system, given the ability to compare actual costs with estimates or budgeted amounts during the manufacturing process or duration of a project on management decisions. Provide a specific example of one benefit in your discussion.




Option 3


  • Use the Internet to identify a career opportunity/job that requires cost accounting/cost analysis/job-costing skills. Describe your understanding of the skills needed and select characteristics of the job that appeal to you or do not appeal to you. Be sure to detail how the specific requirements for the job correlate with the learning objectives presented in the chapter reading this week.