journal entry identify and discuss at least 5 of the specific figures employed in the speech below

Instructions for Journal #2
Jonas Nightingale’s stylistic leveraging in Leap of Faith Using the Glossary of Figures of Speech included in our Unit One Lecture Not, identify and discuss at least 5 of the specific figures employed in the speech below. It is presented by the character Jonas Nightingale (Steve Martin), a phony faith healer and road show minister in the film Leap of Faith. Jonas makes this speech just after a skeptical town sheriff (Liam Neeson) has unmasked him as an ex-con who has been convicted of fraud and a variety of other crimes in the past. Jonas appears before the booing crowd and lets loose the following virtuoso performance of rhetoric, winning his audience’s hearts and their financial contributions for his bogus ministry. For each figure you identify and label, discuss its persuasive force. Tell me precisely how each figure serves to win over Jonas’s audience. (Assignment length: approximately 300 words) Speech down below.

“Sinner’s Salvation” Speech from Leap of Faith
To the Sheriff] Brother Will, everything you said is true. Absolutely true. Yes I was born to lowly circumstances. Yes, I ran with a bad crowd that taught me to smoke weed and steal. I hung out in bars. And I hot – wired cars. I grew up mistreated, so I lied and I cheated. I learned hard crime, and I served hard time. I have walked that crooked road, and I have danced with the demon, Satan. I’ve been face – down in the gutter, and looked up into the face of God.
[Audience slowly begins to cheer for Jonas]
And I say to you tonight, if you want to give up the bottle, who you gonna talk to? Someone who’s never touched a drop?
[Audience shouts No!]
And if you want to give up womanizing, who you gonna talk to? Some pale-skinned, virgin priest?
[Again, audience shouts No!]
If you want to give up sin–and I believe everyone here tonight wants to give up sin–who can
lead you off that crooked road? You need a real sinner, people, a sinner of such monumental
proportions that all your sins wrapped up in one couldn’t possibly equal the sins of this King of Sin.
[Audience cheers louder]
Because you know that if he can walk that straight and righteous path, if he can go from grift to
grace, from sin to sanctity, from lowliness to holiness, then you, with all your everyday sins, can
rise up, like an angel, and ride that golden elevator to God’s own penthouse in the sky.
[Audience erupts in cheering and applause]
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