Keeping Your Online Dating Relationship

When you do online dating, it is simple enough to run off all of the dealings on the web. It can be far less terrifying than a real date to keep things on the Internet, but it can also become sluggish. Having online relationships can often be less fulfilling than the “real thing” as well, especially if the two of you live close enough to meet up and see each other without experiencing too much hassle.

But when should you meet outside the comfort of your computer or mobile phone? There is no difficult and speedy rule with this, but it is normally good to lessen your online communication if you do plan on meeting your online date in real life. Why? This is because extensive e-mail, chat or call conversations through the internet, though often help us get to know people and how they are like can build up a false image of who that person really is. You may have off-center expectations, and when you meet them eventually, you might find yourself disappointed. To some, that is going to be very depressing.

It may be best to have an online correspondence of two weeks or less if you plan on meeting someone, that is. However, if your match lives too far away or if you are not sure if you want to meet that someone, then that is an entirely different story. Keeping online chats going for more than two weeks can exploit the dating progress. Consequences are: one or both of you may get too nervous to ever meet in person, or chats could slow or stop altogether. An advantage is that you will have a lot of topic to talk about when you meet. An easy-going conversation is always good.

In other words, try to meet someone in real life early on if you plan to meet them at all. Leaving everything on the Internet for months just slows down the process of meeting your potential love.

This is so that we will not get fooled by the “perfection” that anyone can show in their online dating profile page. Remember that a person’s true personality can only be learned if you get to interact with him or her face to face. Even photos on someone’s profile could be faked! So if you want to build a firmer and real life relationship, you should save yourself from dishonesty. But if you feel like your online date is the one for you, limit your online conversations so the fire would still be there when you meet them; and meet them early on.