Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management
Hansen, Morten T., Nohria, Nitin; et al., “What’s Your Strategy for Managing
Knowledge?” Harvard Business Review, Mar/Apr 1999, Vol. 77 Issue 2, pp. 106-
Davenport, Thomas, et el, “Data to Knowledge to Results: Building and Analytical
Capability”, California Management Review, 2001, 43(2).
In “ What is your strategy for Managing Knowledge”, the authors discuss two types
of Knowledge management. If you were in charge of Office of the Knowledge
Management Consulting Service (a fake name) for Salem State University, which
strategy would you follow and why? Use the characteristics of the strategy to make your
argument. Pages 2
Davenport Article, “ Data to Knowledge….”. Do you agree with the premise of the
– ..some data analysis can be automat
ed and decision can be made actionable
without human intervention but only for routine and structured processes. If yes, then
define a particular business process or routine
and then argue from that perspective.
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