Kotler Used The Term Electronic Storefronts

Although the basic definition of online marketing as written in the Marketing Management book by Kotler remains the same till this day, many of the processes are no longer that applicable to the local scene. First of all the Philippines has no online commercial service like AOL. Some companies have tried in the past such as GOL Philippines a Korean company, which tied up with the local ISP Mozcom, but they all failed in creating the mass number in order to be a profitable community. Kotler used the term electronic storefronts, which connote a ‘store’ selling a merchandise or service, such as Amazon. Many local companies who tried selling their Online Marketing services failed having just copied western ways and not able to fast adapt to what the local culture demanded. There was a Philippine Marketing newsgroup formed in order to discuss and learn about trends in online marketing. Sad to say it was just good for two years and nothing much happened despite talks of having IAB approval and the like. The list owner from International Data System (selling online info) had to move out of the dotcom business.

His co moderator, marketing in charge of DFNN moved away from his online marketing task in the company. The marriage of the brick and mortar plus dotcom concept, which was the best formula so far globally, plus dynamic shifts in strategy helped make this a successful online marketing venture. Pure online marketing will not bring in the clients that the bank wants. Yehey came out with a combination of banner ads, advertorials and online contests with BPI two years after and this was what other online marketers emulated. BPI didn’t get many customers. One cannot expect to get all the traditional sales from website ads or supplements but as in any Integrated Marketing approach, an online ad, announcement or advertorial maybe the point which clinches the deal with a customer. The main ethical issues which concerns Online Marketing is really SPAM. This is of course cured with a Privacy policy of the company which is the email sender and an instruction found within the Sales email on how to unsubscribe from further emails.

Some unscrupulous companies however, use this link to further validate the customers current email address and even plants ‘cookies’ on the customer’s computer to be able to gather more information about client. There is one marketing company locally offering online marketing services to various traditional companies but has recently been getting the scorn of the industry due to unethical and unscrupulous practices of program intrusions without the explicit knowledge of the client. These type of companies who managed to dupe a couple of the brick and mortar firm bring havoc to the local internet business which has not really grown as large as its western counterparts. You can order a high-quality custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation, speech, book report or book review from our professional custom writing service. We have employed more than 500 highly qualified Ph.D. Master’s academic writers to provide students with professional academic writing help. Feel free to contact our company right now!

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