lab report on Enzyme Specificity 8.3

Outline for Lab Reports 1406/1408



Enzyme Specificity 8.3 


Format: 10 points

Must include all sections specified below. Each section should have a heading, and you should title your paper appropriately.  This paper should be written from the perspective of a researcher writing up an experiment, not as a student doing an assignment.  You are using campus data, not just your group’s results.


1. Cover Page: 5 points

*Title of Experiment

*Your name


*My name: Ashlee Graham


2. Abstract: 15 points

*The abstract should be a shortened version of the paper and should contain all the necessary information for the reader to determine

  • what the objectives of the study were,
  • how the study was conducted,
  • what results were obtained,
  • and the significance of the results.

*In other words, someone should be able to read only the abstract and gather the pertinent information. Succinct yet thorough.

3. Introduction: 15 points

*Provides background information – Be specific. The paper should be written as though the reader has never heard of the topic.

*Includes your hypothesis and observations about the experiment

*Include the purpose

4. Materials and Methods: 10 points

*List all equipment and supplies that are needed

*Restate the procedure from your lab book. Do not quote from it. It should be written in paragraph form.

5. Results: 10 points

*Present your data using a table or graph

*Include a discussion of your results

6. Conclusions: 10 points

*Discuss whether the data gathered supported or did not support your hypothesis.

*Explain why you got the results you got.

*What do these results mean to the larger world?

*Any suggestions for future experiments?

7. Works cited: 10 points

*Works cited should include at least two sources.  NO .com or .net internet sites, including Wikipedia.  These can be used to FIND primary sources (journal articles, .edu sites, etc).  Any cited article must have an author’s name, not just a web site.


All sections should have a heading.


Neatness and Writing: 15 points


Type, proofread, and check the spelling and grammar before you turn this assignment in.  Remember that this is a formal paper and the writing should reflect that. There is no minimum page requirement.