Latin American politics

In answering each question, you must write 750 words essay format . It must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion

Your essay will be evaluated in terms of knowledge of the material, clarity and organization of ideas, and analysis. IN answering the questions provide as many facts as you can….be very generous with the reader!!!

Please use some quotes from the articles and try to use the articles posted to answer the question



Question 5


Drawing from the readings and power point presentation, analyze why and how the Mexican political system has experienced continuities and changes since the revolution until the present. Your answer must be supported with historical facts.


Question 9




Write an essay analyzing the achievements and failures of the Sandinistas since the victory of the revolution in 1979 until their electoral defeat in 1990. Please take into consideration economic, military, political and social aspects.


Question 10


Write an essay explaining the transformation of the Sandinistas from a Party State (1980’s), to Removal from Office: Internal Conflict, Clashes and Exit (1990-1995) to  The Emergence of “Danielismo” (1996-2006) to the FSLN’s Return to Power (2007-2009.)  (Note: You must read Salvador Marti I Puig’s article on “The Adaptation of the FSLN.”)


Question 11


Examine what have been the challenges, policy initiatives and outcomes/results of several administrations in Nicaragua since the beginning of the transition of democracy (1990) until the present. Please take into consideration economic, military, political and social factors.


Question 12



Colburn and Cruz argue that Nicaragua presents an interesting case of a democracy mixed with personalism and populism. Write an essay explaining the connection between democratic institutions, personalism and populism in current Nicaragua. Please provide evidence to support your essay. Note: You have to read the article by Colburn and Cruz to answer this question.