Launching A New Brand For An Upscale Matchmaking Service

In a very crowded field of matchmakers who have a presence both online and offline, its key to your success to clearly identify who your target audience is and exactly what they should expect to pay and receive from you service. Failure to communicate your specific message in the first 15 seconds and you risk the chance of your visitors leaving before they had an opportunity to understand your value proposition.

The best way we suggest, is to align yourself with a Head Strategist for your Matchmaking service. A head strategist will organize your content and present it to all possible magazine outlets that could possibly write a story on you. Start with writing your simple presentation to a major magazine that will publish you, without paying for advertising. Next look at a magazine you want to be published in and find articles written that are targeted to the same audience you are seeking. This way, the editor is more likely to write a story about you because he knows his readers are your market. Make it easy for the editor to get excited and contact you. The magazine makes money by placing ads around your article. Email the editor and tell them upfront what your agenda is. You want them to write an article about your business, as it parallels a recent article they published that you are referencing. You would email the editor and use this concept. Here is a suggested email conversation.

“We absolutely adored the Fortune piece you wrote in last months issue about (the title) and we would love to see if you may be interested in covering some of our latest adventures!”

Introduce yourself and give them a 15 second overview of who you are and how an article about you will benefit their readers. Mention you have a client base that consists of millionaires and billionaires that range in age from 25-60 who are well educated and financially successful. Point out to the editor that many of your existing clients read their magazine and many others would find an article of great interest. Mention your matchmaking service prides themselves on confidentiality and privacy when it comes to your clients. You will be well received.

You can demonstrate just how impressive your client list is and what some of the unique methods of doing business with you are and how their readers would enjoy reading about your luxury matchmaking service. Share with the editor how much money one of your most interesting clients is spending to find the woman of his dreams and name the cities and countries you are traveling to, all in the effort to find him a wife. The editor will now be more interested to write an article about your company, as the keywords you use for countries will open up additional ad revenue for the magazine should they elect to write an article about your company.

Be bold and tell the editor that your client has homes all over the world and the woman of his dreams can be from any city or country. Mention Oslo, Hamburg, Stockholm, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Nice, and Cannes as places you will be traveling.

Now you can begin to understand how to launch a new matchmaking brand and get publicity to your market using authoritative 3rd party influences that benefit from your unique and remarkable content to attract more ads and generate revenue for their magazine.

Conclude your email to the editor that you hope you have gotten their interest and you would love to chat more.