Learning for Professional Development/An Annotative Bibliography

An Annotative Bibliography
A short written discussion, of 300 words, on the eBook below.
You will provide some discussion on your opinion of the chosen book.
What is your view of this book? Why do you think it?s important? We want you to showcase some ability to harness an argument and justify your opinion.

Detailed Instruction:
This written discussion will demonstrate that you have read and understood the information to which you refer. You need to provide the full reference followed by your own written discussion. This should take around 300 words.
The purpose of this assignment is to show that you have accessed appropriate sources that are relevant to your learning and that YOU can comment on the content and quality of the source material.
The written discussion should be a summary of the central theme and scope of the published item. Make sure that you are not just listing the content but are offering an evaluation of how this source added to your knowledge. The purpose of the discussion is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of your sources cited. Whilst your work will be both descriptive and analytical, we are principally interested in how you formulate an argument (a point of view) and how you support that.

Pritchard, A. (2013). Ways of learning: learning theories and learning styles in the classroom. (3rd ed.). [e-book]. DOI: 10.4324/9781315852089.

eBook FULL description:
Ways of Learning: Learning theories and learning styles in the classroom (3rd Edition)
Author: Alan Pritchard
Print publication date: November 2013
Online publication date: December 2013
Print ISBN: 9780415834926
eBook ISBN: 9781315852089
Adobe ISBN: 9781317917632
DOI: 10.4324/9781315852089