Letter to someone
Paper instructions:

For this activity, please write a letter to someone you know (e.g., a parent, sibling, friend, romantic partner) who is not also taking the class. In the letter, you should explain, reflect on, and react to the material currently being covered in the course. You can write about course topics of your choice. For example, during the first week of the course I told you that most people are poor listeners and that most people lie and deceive others every day. I posted a long essay about the remarkable English language. You have been able to look at the syllabus, scan the textbook, organize into groups, and taken in the significant amount of assignments, so you must have developed some thoughts about the course. Your letter must be written in your own words and communication style and should not be a simple reiteration of your class notes. You should talk about what you’ve found interesting in the course material, what new things you are learning about yourself, etc. Organize your thoughts for the letter in long hand during class time, and then key it into Canvas before 11:59 PM on Feb 10, 2014. Of course you can skip the long hand aspect of the activity if you have a laptop with you in class


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