Liberty-University PSYC 221 Module 8 Exam

Get help Liberty-University PSYC 221 Module 8 Exam. Quentin is receiving treatment for an emotional disturbance. His therapist has him express himself through a variety of mediums and with a myriad of materials. There are developmental differences in the amount of gray matter in children. Honor has an fMRI and her doctor says that he notices that the gray matter has peaked in the lobe of her brain partially involved in dealing with language. He is referring to what part of the brain? There are developmental differences in the amount of gray matter in children. Felicia has repeated intrusive thoughts and shows repetitive behaviors tied to those thoughts. Based on current research, of the following school-aged children, who is likely to get the most sleep? Although individual growth in middle childhood varies widely, one typical difference between school-age boys and school-age girls is that. Christina is beginning to feel like a giant among her classmates and thinks that something is wrong with her.

Which of the following best describes children’s height gain during middle childhood? Which of the following statements about school-age children in non-literate societies and in industrialized societies is correct? With regard to the kinds of abilities evaluated by IQ tests, Robert Sternberg and other critics of these tests maintain that IQ tests. Jorge, age 7, can conserve substance but not weight or volume. According to Piaget, Jorge’s conservation abilities demonstrate. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 emphasizes. Mrs. Butler should use all but which of the following mnemonic strategies during spelling lessons with her fourth graders? Which of the following environmental factors may have a negative effect on intelligence test scores? Mohammad has arranged a selection of blue paints from darkest to lightest. Lindsey is 8-years-old and is in the concrete operations stage of development. Moira’s mother told her that all the girls in the third-grade were very nice.

So, when Moira sat down to eat with her classmate Henna, she believed that she would be nice. Which of the following statements regarding selective attention in middle childhood is FALSE? Which of Piaget’s three stages of moral development corresponds to the concrete operational stage of cognitive development? Pablo, who speaks Spanish, is in a second-language education class where he interacts with English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students in both English and Spanish. Karut is growing up in a home and a neighborhood with constant, pervasive violence. He often has trouble sleeping, he cannot concentrate on his homework, and he has been sent home three times already this year for fighting. According to your textbook, what else is Karut likely to experience? The correlation between victimization by a bully and self-esteem shows us that bullying victims tend to have low self-esteem. With regard to the typical composition of peer groups in middle childhood, which of the following statements is correct? Johnny is a middle school student and Raymond is a kindergartner. Marcy views herself as being generally capable and competent in most aspects of her life. Nine-year-old Stephanie is beginning to internalize the values of her parents and society. Although her parents exercise general supervision over her, when she is not with them she exercises her own form of self-supervision.

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