Life Is a Mystery to Be Lived, Not a Problem to Be Solved

In today’s world people are upset about something or the other. Some hate their jobs, some have issues in their personal life with family, students have school issues and in general if you asked anyone if they were entirely satisfied with their lives they would say no, and list out a number of things that are wrong with their lives. However fact is that the only reason for our unhappiness is us or rather how our brain perceives any situation.

Happiness is in our hand if we choose to pursue it, we can be happy by simply looking at things in a different way. If we smile in the face of a problem, it generally gets resolved faster. This does not mean we sit around and do nothing while are life gets worse every second, it just means that whatever measures we take to overcome them we take happily without grumbling. If we react positively to a situation it follows logically that we will be happy simply because we are being happy.

Emotions are in general illusions caused by the brain and are very much in our control if we wish to control them. We are only sad if we wish to be sad. Take any sad situation in life and start listing out all the good things that came out from it. The situation will not seem so negative anymore. There will always be bad in a situation but by focusing on the good things we can make the most of it. Rather than moping about in depression because of it, we can enjoy it and make the most of it. Life is only worth living as long as we have some things worth living for.

Most of us are forgetting about why we are living and the important things in life. If we can make the smile of a loved one or a laugh the centre of our happiness then we have learnt how to live. If this feeling is mutual then its even better because neither of u can be sad while the other is smiling and so as long as one of you smiles from time to time, both of you will always stay happy. In fact if everyone in the world mutually adopted this there would be total happiness on the earth and that would definitely make it a better place to live in.

So remember that if a problem can be solved, don’t worry about it, but if a problem can’t be solved what is the use of worrying about it.