List Building Using Article Submission

You can build your list in many ways. But I’m getting ahead of myself unless you already have a list or you already know what a list is.

This  article  will be the start of a series of  articles  that will concentrate on you building your list.

In the internet marketing world a list is a compilation of the names and email address of prospects that you have permission to market your promotions to. List building is one of the keys to successful internet or affiliate marketing.

You can build your list by writing and submitting  articles . Note that it takes both. Just writing  articles  will not complete the process. You must publish your  articles . Some of the possible places to publish your  articles  are:

Your Blog

Your Newsletter

 Article  Directories

This  article  will talk about submitting your  articles  to  article  directories. Regardless of your area of expertise or business, you can write  articles  and most if not all of the popular  article  directories will be happy to publish them. This is especially true if you provide good content and follow their guidelines.

In addition most of their readers are looking for pertinent and useful content for their needs – blogs, newsletters, etc.

You get an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about your subject and/or business. Each  article  that you write enhances your acceptance by the  article  directories and their readers.

As a result more and more of your  articles  will be read and picked up and published by others for use in their newsletters and on their blogs/websites. You are using your  articles  to leverage traffic back to your site.

The tool that provides that traffic is the resource or bio box that you are allowed to attach to your  article . The bio box will contain a link to your blog and/or squeeze page.

Your effort here should be to collect the reader’s contact information so that you can contact them in the future about what you are doing and promoting.

If they read your blog maybe they will subscribe to your newsletter. You should ask them to do so. The better the content that you provide, the better the chances are that you will get a faithful reader and likely a future customer.

In the end you get to build your list and brand yourself and the only cost to you is your time and effort to write and submit the  articles .

This is also an example of viral marketing. It’s viral because your  article  contains links to you and your products. As your  article  is passed around it spreads like a virus – it becomes viral.

As more and more people see your links and signup for your newsletter, your potential to make money online increases. So, since you know that list building is a necessary part of internet and affiliate marketing, make the process of writing and submitting  articles  a part of your affiliate internet business online.