Love in the Time of Cholera

Paper details:Book review instructions

You will need to write a 5 page book review linking the book you have chosen to the topics we have discussed in this course, due 4/6. The report should be 5 pages long, double spaced, 12 point font. Below is the rubric for the review – you will be graded on providing an appropriate short summary of the book, and on the subsequent sociological analysis.

Essentially, you need to give me a summary of the book – who wrote it, what were their research methods, and what were the main findings. Then, you need to evaluate if and how the book is relevant to today’s issues – does it offer any insight into a social issue

Here are some tips on writing a sociological book review: (Links to an external site.)

40 points summary
explanation of the content of the book – this must be a summary – no more than one page
noting the method of study and the findings
What is the thesis of the book was is supported
40 points sociological analysis
how does the book relate to a modern issue
good use of sociological language and terms
strong accounting for analysis in the project
underlined sociological terms in the paper
linking themes in the book to current events
20 points quality of paper
Good introduction – reason for reading the book and lead up into analysis
Good conclusion that ties together the paper
Coherence – paper flows smoothly and sections feed into one another
Analysis categories are well organized and flow together
Correct usage of tenses
Lack of repetitiousness