Major benefits to starting a retail company

You are a consultant tasked with reviewing the collective bargaining policies for a large global retailer. This company has been operating since inception without unions and senior management is staunchly against allowing any of its workers to organize. Due to mounting pressure from both workers and the media, they are again reviewing the consequences of allowing unions to form within their stores.

Write a report in which you cover the following:

Identify 4-5 major benefits to starting a retail company with and without using organized labor.
Compare and contrast the differences in benefits for a retail company started without unions and later after unions were introduced.
Analyze the laws that are available to separately protect both the workers and management. Can the workers organize at a site without management consent? Can management fire workers for trying to organize?
Examine two new union issues (per country) that would be introduced if the company opens stores in India, China, and Mexico. Cover both the benefits and drawbacks to both union and management for each issue.