Major writing assignment

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For your first major essay:

(1) Pick any of the philosophers from the course that have been studied

(2) Select a small aspect of their philosophy that you found interesting (i.e. free will in Sartre, categorical imperative in Kant, love in Plato, etc.)

(3) Go to the library or the online database and find 2 sources: these must be from physical books or ELECTRONICjournals, not web sources. You are, however, permitted to use journal articles so long as they are in the library’s online database.

(4) Research your topic in more detail and then write a 4-5 page paper.


Quotations should be kept to a minimum. All quotations must be in MLA style
4-5 Pages, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 Point Font
Avoid long summaries
Offer your own unique thinking about a philosophical topic, and use the secondary sources to elaborate on it. I would suggest reading a few good essays about the philosopher that you’re writing about.
This is a major paper. It will be graded more seriously than the response papers. I will be looking for creativity, originality, independence of thinking, depth of secondary sources, and clarity in presentation. I suggest that you have someone proofread your essay before you turn it in, as it is a very large chunk of your grade.