“Making a visual claim”

Topic: “Making a visual claim”

Order Description

Your essay will include a visual analysis of an object you encounter or have encountered during the normal workings of your life (going to school, work, on vacation,

hanging with friends, etc.). This artifact can be an advertisement, a poster, or a painting. It can be as simple as the view outside your window in the morning, or as

complex as a series of graffiti art on a building wall. But, this visual artifact must have some relation to your life.

You must then make an argument about this artifact by:
Analyzing it and how it functions persuasively
How this persuasive function fits with the environment of the object. Where is it located? Does it fit within this context? Is there another relation between what the

artifact “says” and where it is?
How do you engage it within this space?

The last point requires you to make a critical claim about these questions: with your understanding of the visual artifact and where it is, how do you interpret it,

and how do you support that interpretation?