Management homework help

 Develop a plan to green an existing business
You may develop a plan to improve the environmental performance of an existing organization (e.g. by improving resource use efficiency, reducing pollution, shifting to a circular business model, or introducing new eco-friendly products). You are encouraged to select an area for improvement that you are passionate about, that is a priority for an organization, or that you could realistically influence with the right strategy.
Deliverable 2: Simplified Draft Budget or Greening Plan and Video or Pitch Outline (100 pts)
– Excel spreadsheet with descriptive notes based on provided template (for new businesses) or 1-page greening plan covering the who, what, when, how, and why of your plan (for existing businesses)
-At least 3 page outline of your video or pitch slides, including relevant information organized in a professional way (standardized formatting, typo-free, etc.).
This deliverable will be assessed on completeness and level of detail provided.



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