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As a nursing leader you will be required to implement many proposals. This is an exercise to help you learn the processes or steps required for implementation. This assignment represents an implementation action plan. Include an analysis of your action plan to present the proposal and the process for implementation at the site for which it was developed or your current place of employment. You will be addressing key elements of implementation according to the rubric requirements. Grading Rubric: Develops a well-organized introduction paragraph discussing the importance of developing proposals/plans. Ends the paragraph with a clearly worded purpose statement. Provides a detailed summary of the proposed plan and a clearly defined location for implementation of the plan Identifies 3 outcomes for the proposed plan Describes in detail the benefits of the plan to the institution Discusses in detail the Discuss required resources and potential budget requirements to implement your plan Proposes a detailed timeline for implementing the plan, with rationale and discusses who will be involved in the proposal and the implementation phases Identifies 4 specific measures of success used to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan Ends paper with a separate paragraph (with Conclusion as heading) and summarizes key points in paper.