Managerial Budgeting

Answer these questions from this week’s readings. 125-140 words for each question. No in-text citations, no markups, no tracking, no hyper-links. All answers must come from this weeks readings in your own words. I will provide all material. I have placed titles in bold for each section.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

What exactly is a Cost-Benefit analysis?

How is Cost-Benefit analysis used at the different levels of public budgeting and governmental and nonprofit accounting? Please provide detail in your explanation and even some examples.
More Budgeting – Techniques

Once you have addressed my previous question on Cost-Benefit analysis:

Briefly describe and contrast line-item budgeting, program budgeting, and performance budgeting?

Which one of these would you prefer to use and why would you choose such over the other two methods?

Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Entities, Ch. 3

What are cost descriptors as they are applied to budgeting?

How are these cost descriptors effectively used in the budgeting process? Please provide some details and examples in your response.

Public Finance, Ch. 7

Politics and Budgeting:

How has politics shaped the federal budget process?

In your opinion, has this resulted in positive or negative results?
Inmate Overcrowding & Budgets

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

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