Man's personal responsibility toward the natural world, toward what is termed natural resources

* While a well-written argument will present a thesis and opinions of the author supported by the use of credible, reliable, and scholarly sources, there must be some reference to the opposition?s stand.
* A great deal of research on the opposition?s stand is not required, but there should be acknowledgement that opposition exists. Find and present at least one source that does not agree with your position on the topic, and respectfully present that opinion. What this does is indicate to your reader that you respect and acknowledge other views, while holding to your own.
* NO paragraph is to run a page and more long; no paragraph should discuss more than one topic.
* NO ?Wiki?
* avoid asking questions in a paper! Make a statement and then defend that statement.
* A grammar note: when using the phrase ?not only,? the line following must include the phrase ?but also,? in grammatically correct format.
* NOTE: The penalty for the use of contractions and the use of any forms of ?I? and ?you? remains at -5 points for each occurrence.
* Good research will almost always have a case or two of an “indirect source.”?This is when you want to use a quote that is already in quote marks, This is where the source you are using is quoting someone else.
* A clear thesis statement must be presented in the first or second paragraph. A thesis statement cannot be a question! In fact, avoid asking any questions throughout the paper.
* Research-based argumentative essays are just that: an argument with research that supports the author?s position. They also will acknowledge one or two sources that are in opposition to the author?s position. This means such an essay is never a report. Be very careful of simply providing a ton of information without a clearly defined and specific argument, which should be made with a well-developed thesis statement.
* It is very important that the opposition is acknowledged in an argument essay. Most students did do so, but many, while mentioning an opposing position, did not have a source from the opposition. There must be one credible and reliable source that represents the opposition cited in the paper.
Research on the topic chosen should be comprehensive, using credible, reliable and scholarly sources.
Address the topic in a well-developed essay, which, while acknowledging the opposition?s position, defends the argument presented. Additional examples other than those mentioned can be used; just make sure they are appropriate to the topic:
What is man?s personal responsibility toward the natural world, toward what is termed natural resources? What power does man have to influence events? The word resource implies something to be used, yet how far should man go? There are great conflicts between jobs and the environment. Does the need to preserve the redwood forests outweigh loggers? needs for paychecks in California? Are the fish in the Gulf of Mexico more important than jobs for the commercial fishermen? These are just two examples of such conflict.
2000- 2100 words
7 sources10/15
please revise it based on the attached rules. This is an argumantative paper not a report. The topic needs to be a well-develoed MLA format research paper. It needs to acknowledge the oppositions positions, defends the argument presented with proper examples. (examples and argument are very important) The paper did not prove any point until page 5!. The paper did not have a thesis (very important)
lots of fragments.
Work cited page was wrong. (most of them)
in-text citations were wrong (some of them) Attached is the rules for this paper. (Writing Rules