Market Research Report

Order Description

Introduce Johnson & Johnson by creating a 4 page report in which you provide an overview of the company and a detailed analysis of one of its products. Your report should provide a thorough, thoughtful description of each of the following items, using the headings below:

Company Overview (maximum one page):

1.Provide the company name, company headquarters location, and type of business.
2.Describe the company’s strategic vision and how the company differentiates itself in the marketplace.
3.Provide a brief overview of the company’s product lines and markets served.

Product Analysis (3 pages):

Identify one Neutrogena product offered by this company that has the potential to be marketed in a way that could improve the product’s standing in the global marketplace.

This might be a product that you believe has been marketed ineffectively, or has been marketed effectively but is missing an opportunity for greater success. (Note: I will have multiple assignments this quarter based on this product).

1.Provide a brief description of that product, including the customer wants and needs it meets.
2.Conduct your own SWOT analysis of the product selected.
3.Use subheadings for Internal Forces (strengths and weaknesses) and External Forces (opportunities and threats).
4.For Internal Forces, evaluate the resources and capabilities currently supporting the product.
5.For External Forces, include political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological issues.
6.Use your industry sources (analyst and customer information) to provide evidence for your judgments in each category.
[Special note: Do not include a detailed competitive analysis in this section. A competitive analysis will be the focus of my next assignment.]
6.Describe and justify a change in marketing strategy for the product you selected, based on your research and your SWOT Analysis.