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Marketing is a Management practice which is used to identify the customers’ needs and wants. It is a process by which the customers’ needs and wants are taken and a suitable product, tailor-made to the specifications of the customers is produced. Marketing is one of the central functions of a firm, the others being Research and Development (R&D), Manufacturing, Finance, IT and Human Resources. All the functions mentioned here concentrate on internal matters where as Marketing is the only process that is concerned with external matters, the customer. It is a crucial process without which a firm cannot function. Even without a manufacturing, a firm can supply a product to the customer. But, without marketing, the customer would not come to the firm in the first place, except for in rare occasions. Marketing being a subset of Economics derives many of its theories from Economics. Our tutors are professionals and experts in their respective fields which include subjects like Statistics, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Human Resources, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computers, Biology, English and other subjects. All our services are provided 24/7. So, any time of the day or night, one can just count on us for academic help. We provide assistance to students from K-12, College and University. The prices that we quote are moderate and the quality that we offer is the best one can get. We quote the prices depending upon the intensity of the assignment and the time that is given to us. Our work is 100% plagiarism proof. We do not resell our work, i.e. an assignment or homework delivered to one student will not be delivered to another student seeking help in the same subject. This is the reason why 90% of the students come back to us.

Format your paper according to APA standards and submit via the Assignments link by due date. Maximum word count for overall assignment: 1,750 words. • 5.2: Explain the governance principles of regulatory compliance requirements. • 5.3: Determine methods for managing legal risk arising from regulatory compliance issues. Discuss the selected case with your Learning Team. Brief the selected case as a Learning Team. Write a case brief using the IRAC method. Write an explanation of no more than 750 words about how the legal concepts in the selected case can be applied within a business managerial setting. Complete the Discrimination Scenario Simulation involving a discrimination issue at the workplace and associated legal issues. Write responses to the decision points embedded in the simulation. Select one legal case from a current event that has taken place within the past 2 years relevant to the following objective. • 5.1: Identify applicable regulatory compliance requirements for business situations. • 6.1: Evaluate legal risks associated with domestic and international business activity. Discuss the selected cases with your Learning Team. Brief the selected cases as a Learning Team. Write two separate case briefs using the IRAC method. Write an explanation for each brief of no more than 750 words about how the legal concepts in the selected case can be applied within a business managerial setting.

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