Marketing For Hospitality

1)  What is marketing, and why is it important to the success of a firm?

2)  Explain the difference between selling and marketing? How are they similar and how do they differ?

3)  What is a marketing concept, and how does this concept influence the hospitality facility?

4)  Discuss the components of the traditional and hospitality marketing mixes, and how is it used?

5)  What is the marketing management cycle?

6)  How do services differ from products?

7)  Define service quality and its process?

8)  Why is relationship marketing so important to a hospitality firm and how does it benefit the firm?

9)  What are search and experience qualities and how are they used by consumers to evaluate services?

10)  Define relationship marketing?

11)  What are some of the internal and external influences on consumer purchases?

12)  List and discuss the five stages in the consumer decision-making process?

13)  What are the three problem-solving techniques used by consumers, explain the differences?

14)  How does the decision-making process differ between consumers and organizations?

15)  What are the five components of the buy unit?

16)  What is market segmentation?

17) What variables are used to segment target markets?

18)  Discuss the criteria for effective segmentation?

19)  What are the four steps in the market segmentation decision process?

20)  Describe the four steps in the positioning process?