mba6360 mis enterprise systems implementation challenges

Based on the article “Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System” [CoursePack] and select one of the following examples from the industry you are most interested in analyzing:

Healthcare: “Surviving SAP Implementation in a Hospital” [CoursePack]
Finance: “Who’s the Leader? Financial IT Integration at a Global Insurance Company” [Download Link]
Manufacturing: “Outsourcing Transformative Change – SAP Integration at the Advanced Technologies Automotive Group” [Download Link]

Write a brief paper that addresses the following:

Using the non-technical challenges stated by Davenport, identify non-technical challenges during the SAP implementation in the example – were there additional challenges not mentioned in Davenport’s article?
What do you think are the Key Success Factors to ERP implementation in the industry you selected? Think about people, process, and technology characteristics that are specific to that industry. You can go beyond the case with researched and personal examples.
What are the options for small and medium sized businesses that want to gain the benefits of ERP (centralized data, standardized processes, and integrated business functions)?

The “Download Link” attachments are not working at the moment. I will contact the professor and see if I can get them if needed. The “CoursePack” articles will be provided. I have also provided the rubric the professor wants for his papers and my Module 1 paper for reference.
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