McDonalds Corporation’s competitive advantage

Analyse the strategies used by the McDonalds Corporation to build and sustain competitive advantage. What are the strategic issues and options currently facing the organisation?

Conduct further research, using your own choice of desk-based sources, todeepen your knowledge of thecontext within which your chosen organisation is developing its strategy. Please do not ask for ‘inside information’ from the organisation itself. Use the ‘Investor’ section of each website to obtain public information instead. Present a brief summary of the factual information resulting from your research as Appendix 1. Include both quantitative and qualitative data. Then produce an academic report, analysing this data to answer the initial question.Note that you are required only to identify strategic issues and options, not to make recommendations about what the organisation should do next. Explain which theoretical tools you have chosen to use, and why and evaluate their usefulness. Your report should be about 1500 words long which does not include bibliography, appendices, abstract or words in tables.