Mechanism discreption about electronic drill ?

Mechanism discreption about electronic drill

Mechanism Description Assignment
You are tasked to write a description of a mechanism with the following specifications:
• The subject mechanism must be a physical device with two or more parts that function together to achieve some purpose.
• The subject mechanism must be associated with, or closely related to, your major field of study.
• The mechanism description document must
• Be precise and technically correct, and must emphasize the mechanism’s physical characteristics, e.g., size, shape, material, finish, and color;
• Follow Outline 4.1, pp. 38-39 of the course text;
• Be consistent with the format rules for writing assignments as provided on Page 12 of the EGR 3350 Syllabus for Spring Semester 2015;
• Be exactly 2 pages in length, including visuals;
• Include at least one visual; your total visuals should not occupy more than 3/8 of one page; each visual must include a caption and give credit to the visual’s source (even if you created it yourself).
• You are not required to use sources, but if you do use sources, you must cite your sources and include a Works Cited page. Your Works Cited should appear on a separate page that is not counted toward your page limit.
• Be sure to edit and review your paper carefully using the Mechanism Description Checklist on p. 56 of your course text.