Mental illness in GIRL INTERRUPTED movie and Goffman’s findings.

Requirements: 3 pages, double spaced
Erving Goffman, a Chicago school symbolic interactionist, went undercover to expose the experience of being,
and becoming, a mental patient. Using the slides that address Goffman s Asylums (as well as any outside
research you may choose to do, although this is not necessary), you are to explain facets of Susanna Kaysen s
experience in a mental institution through Goffman s findings. Draw parallels between our discussion of
Goffman and what you have seen in the movie, focusing on clearly delineating a few aspects (at least 2,
although there is no limit.) You may focus on similarities between what Goffman said and what Kaysen
experiences; or you may show places where the movie diverges from Goffman s findings.