Metropolis Police Department

Metropolis Police Department


Your task for this part of the project will be related to forming teams to evaluate and make suggestions for change to the Metropolis Police Department.
?Draft plans for at least three teams that will be used to make suggestions for changes to this department. Be sure that each team is cross functional and do not forget civilian input.
?List the members of each team and also summarize why you formed the team in the way you did. Be sure to review the text and some outside literature before drafting these teams.

Your assignment should be 2 page(s) in length.

Three peer-reviewed journal articles are required.


It was only a generation ago that we had very few options when it came to having meetings. With the advent of the age of the internet and advanced technologies, there are a variety of modalities that are available to conduct meetings with. We will explore some of these this week.
?For your assignment this week, review the material regarding the various communication technologies available for meetings today.
?Based upon this review list, describe these technologies and how they are currently utilized for meetings.