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Research article

must be from last 6 months! (March 2020 – September 2019)
Find the original scientific research paper (should be cited in the media piece)
DO NOT PAY to rent or buy access to research papers. They are FREE through any library. Cook Library is very good about helping. https://libraries.towson.edu/

Topics – anything you are interested in with a microbiology angle!

Examples: Human microbiome, Viral diversity, comparative microbial genomics, gene expression, horizontal gene transfer, viral evolution, phages (environmental/medical use), antibiotic resistance, microbial metabolism (photosynthesis, respiration, fermentation), climate change, pathogen evolution

Media article

A news story from a newspaper, magazine, or news blog (Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, Scientific American, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Vox, Slate, STAT, etc..).
As a Towson student, PawPrints:Collegiate Reading Program gives you free on-line access to the New York Times, USA Today, and Baltimore Sun. Paper copies are also available on-campus.

Submit for grading:

One paragraph that addresses the following questions. At the end, provide a URL/full citation to both the research paper and the media article. Use the Vancouver style of citation with live link to articles.
Selection of media and research paper (11 pts) ***

Is this paper published in a peer reviewed journal?
Do the media article and research paper match?

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