Microbial Ecology & Molecular Evolution

Microbial Ecology & Molecular EvolutionThe following questions pertain to the Goffredi, et al (2004) study:

Goffredi SK, Waren A, Orphan VJ, Van Dover CL, Vrijenhoek RC (2004) Novel forms of structural integration between microbes and a hydrothermal vent gastropod from the Indian Ocean. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 70: 3082-0390.

1) What is the purpose or goal of this study
2) Find the hypothesis(es) tested in the study and re-phrase it (them) as a conditional proposition (i.e., “If. . . then. . .” statement).
3) Do the results support or refute the hypothesis(es) for the study
4) Identify and briefly explain the key result that enabled you to draw the conclusion stated in question #3 (If there was more than one hypothesis, then there will likely be more than one result to discuss – specify which result addressed which hypothesis).
5) Based on your own evaluation of the data, do you agree with the conclusions of the authors of the study Why or why not Identify problems or ambiguities in their results that lead you to question their analysis.
6) Thinking about future directions. . . Suggest one experiment the authors of the study should do next as a follow-up to this study.