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Middle Ages and Renaissance MusicUnit Test, Part 2: Middle Ages and Renaissance MusicAnswer the questions thoroughly, using complete sentences and good descriptive details. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.(5 points)Score1. Western musical notation developed over time. What did music notation look like in the Middle Ages? Describe the differences between notation then and the system we use today.Answer:(5 points)Score2. Select a Middle Ages or Renaissance instrument and a similar modern instrument. Describe their similarities and differences.Answer:(5 points)Score3. How did the invention of the printing press affect the development of music after the Middle Ages?Answer:(5 points)Score4. Describe the difference between the terms monophony and polyphony. What music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance was monophonic? What music was polyphonic?Answer:(5 points)Score5. Describe the difference between the terms sacred and secular. What music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance was sacred? What music was secular?Answer:
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