Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Ebook

There are some things you need to think about before you start on your book, namely:

– Which market will it be in?

– Who will do the sales letter?

– Who will do the graphics?

– Who will load everything up?

We’ll cover the market in another article, but the other three are things that catch most people out, since most people leave these decisions until they actually need them… then it can cause weeks of delay!

So think about it before you start, you need a sales letter first of all, you have two choices, do it yourself or hire it out. If you do it yourself you have two more choices, start from scratch or buy a PLR product on the topic and use that as a basis for your own sales letter (a very effective tactic for someone who hasn’t written a sales letter before).

Now if you are going to hire someone to do it for you then you need to find someone you can trust, after having run ins with lots of copywriters then I can say that, like anybody you hire, some are totally unreliable, some are reliable but the copy is no good, etc etc.

Copywriting is a well-paid profession, so most copywriters charge a lot of money, the only place I’ve found some good quality copywriters that are more motivated to get your job done on well and on time, is on Elance.com, and you can check their feedback there too from previous customers.

I don’t know why, but there are some great copywriters on there that you can hire for a fraction of the price you pay to someone who has their own website and ‘copywriting services’. Maybe it is because it is a hobby to them, or maybe they don’t realize their own value… but either way that is where I go when I need copy now, I’ve paid way more money to well known copywriters and had awful results, reputation and price is not always reliable, feedback on Elance.com is usually a much better indicator.

So the sales letter will probably take the longest time to complete, that needs to be dealt with first so that by the time everything else is finished then it will be ready to use. Once you have the outline for the book and all your research notes then that is the time to hire your copywriter as you can give them all of that and they can use it to help write the sales letter.

Then you need to think about graphics, not a huge concern as most companies will get you a concept in about 3 days like GraphicsQuick.com, but you need to think about what you need (banners? Squeeze page? etc) then find someone you want to use and check their availability, as if you just assume they can do it and find out they are running a week behind when you go to them, then that will delay you unnecessarily.

So send them an email to check when they can do it and try to book your graphics at least a week before you need them. Wait until after you have started the bulk of the book though as you may change the name of the product and ideas behind it as you get into it.

The last thing you need to consider is who is going to put everything together. Don’t forget that more often than not a minisite design company does not offer any service for putting together your site, they just provide the design of the template which you then have to populate with content.

You can learn how to do it all yourself and I would advise that you do that as soon as possible so you can stop paying expensive webmasters, but for this first project then you might want to concentrate on the book and marketing first – then next time you won’t be struggling so much as you’ll know what you are doing more, and will have extra the time to learn about HTML.

Or you can hire someone off Elance.com or a forum to do it for you, they need to setup your sales letter and preferably format it for you, ask your copywriter if they can format your sales letter for you, then get the webmaster to duplicate that style on your website. They also need to setup all your other pages which we discuss later in this guide.

You will need to setup your payment processor no doubt, but they usually give you step by step instructions on how to do that anyway. You can then give your webmaster the code from your payment processor to setup the buy button and have them integrate it.

So think about those three things above and get them organized now rather than struggling later, you won’t regret it!